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Up until now 3G iPhone's and 2G Touch devices have not been supported by iPod 2 iPhone. This was due to recent changes to the firmware (2.x) installed on them.

The changes affected all third party applications, which could no longer update the iPod music database without iTunes complaining that it couldn't recognise the device.

We are happy to announce that there is now a solution to this issue which has been posted on the site below.

Important, please download and install the latest version of iPod 2 iPhone before following the steps in the link above.

We would like to thank the author's of the guide and software posted in the link above for providing a solution to this issue.

For customers not wishing to apply this patch, we suggest using our iPod 2 PC product instead. Because iPod 2 PC does not update the Touch/iPhone music database it will transfer music back to your PC without the need for the above patch. Once your music is on your PC it can be imported into iTunes and then transferred to the destination iPod.

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