Power Keys...

Key Sequence Action Performed
SEARCH AS YOU TYPE Quickly find songs/artists/genres you are looking for by simply typing the desired text, as you type you will be taken to the first entry matching your input.

Please Note: This option works best if you have your songs sorted by the first column.

CTRL + A Select All

CTRL + SHIFT + A Select all entries matching the current value in the first column.

By default, Artist is displayed/sorted in the first column. Select an artist with more than one song, and press CTRL + SHIFT + A.

You will find that all songs by that artist are now selected.

Please Note: This option only works if you are sorting by the first column.

CTRL + CLICK To select multiple songs/genres etc, hold down the CTRL key while you are clicking on them.

SHIFT + CLICK To select a range of songs etc, click on the first song, then scroll down to the last song, hold down the SHIFT key and click on the last song.

SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW Transfers selected items from the LEFT iPod to the RIGHT iPod.

SHIFT + LEFT ARROW Transfers selected items from the RIGHT iPod to the LEFT iPod.

This software is not to be used to share copyrighted material, or infringe the rights of copyright holders.

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